Leah is preparing to exit just exited her late-mid twenties and entered her mid-late twenties, which puts her squarely in the Millennial Generation.  In addition to wine, music is a huge part of her everyday life. If you let her she will discuss specific bands, songs, and genres for HOURS all while finding a way to plug her iPhone into your stereo because if you’ve never heard Neutral Milk Hotel, you really should.

Leah owns  Millennier Wine, a consulting firm and brokerage specializing  targeting the Millennial Generation as the ultimate consumer. She works with companies big and small to bridge the gap between the wine industry and Gen-Y, both online and in person.

She also created and runs WTF LA: Wine Tasting For Los Angeles, a wine tasting group geared towards Millennials that travels Los Angeles bringing affordable tastings, no bullsh*t wine talk, great music, and a crowd of 20-somethings to restaurants, retailers and wineries in LA and beyond.

Leah is the author of the Alt+Wine, a wine and beverage blog, and is the host of the upcoming GrapeVine app for the iPhone.


9 responses to “About

  1. Very cool blog. Being on the younger side, and heading up the marketing stuff at my family’s winery in SA, a number of you points resonate with me! Good luck. SB (@simonback)

  2. I know Neutral Milk Hotel! F yeah.

  3. Wow. You are a smart writer. I’d hire you in a heartbeat. Great blog. I am not a M but of course I follow this gen with great interest. (I am a winemaker and wine marketer) Thanks for insights. @deniseslattery

  4. Love your site! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  5. Great name, great blog! Thrilled to find more wine stuff going on and news re greater LA region. Thanks for finding and following me on twitter!

  6. If I wanted to email you directly and ask you a couple of questions, how could I do that?

  7. Great insights!
    This is really worth reading…
    Would love to apply all this to French Millennials!

  8. Hey Leah, Do you have space in your schedule to squeeze in a meeting about wine&music? Let me know if you’re interested and what you charge.


  9. btw-Psyched about the grapevine app. very cool.

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